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北京一公司海外招聘人才 [复制链接]

For those applicants, please send your cover letter and resume to career2@kaibogroup.com  for consideration.

Company Description:

Kaibo Engineering Group, Co, Ltd. is an international Engineering project management (EPCM, PMC) company focused on the high-end international market to provide services of engineering project design, construction, supervision, consultancy, bidding agency and purchase of material and equipment. Especially, Kaibo Group is good at the management of the overall process of major EPC construction projects.

Kaibo Engineering Group is committed to integrating the best project management resources both in China and abroad and to keeping in line with the international standard for engineering project management. With a reservoir of the best trained professional talents, Kaibo Group is capable of providing complete, multifaceted service, and normalizing the management procedure. Kaibo Group aims to become a world class professional engineering project management company in the international field within 2 to 3 years.

For more information, please visit Kaibo Group’s Web Site: www.kaibogroup.com.

Available Positions:

1)      Deputy General Manager

2)      Project Manager ( Construction industry)

3)      Consultant ( Project Management, Marketing and HR)

General Requirements:

1.      MBA and Engineering degree preferred;

2.      A few years of Engineering, Marketing, and HR experience preferred;

3.      A team player with a proactive, “anything it takes” attitude;

4.      Fluent in English and Mandarin;

5.      Good communication skills;

6.      Strong leadership.
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