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Life and Eternal Life [复制链接]

Life has been human's perpetual theme,
we lived long enough to wonder our future street
were we made out of the ubiquitous earthly dust?
is eternal life equivalent to forever sleep?

our restless soul has loving streak
recurring reincarnation is our spiritual flea.
canibalism and massacre were human's not long ago treasured past
is religion and God designed to build our mores?

Is there life to the vast universal mystique?
200 billions of  suns are forever beyond our reach
did we label them God for the convenience of analysis?
are we similar to ants in front of God's holy seat?

eternity and infinity aren't just math's critique.
our limited mind can't   fathom time's sneeze.
was there a beginning of time?
extending infinity backward on yesterday is our caprice!
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