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转卖鞋柜 ($30) [复制链接]

Product Features:

Sturdy Rubber Wood and Metal construction.

Perfect for usage in closets, entryway areas, as well as others.

Set of 2 Stackable Shoe Racks provides for more footwear storage capacity.

Extra Wide and Deep dimensions accommodate larger size men's shoes.

Each shelf can hold 4 pairs of shoes (16 Pair Total for both units combined).

Cherry stained Wood and Silver finishes.

Stylish appearance blends well with many types of household furnishings.

Easy, single tool assembly

Dimensions & More Info:

Assembled Item Dimensions: 35.25" L x 12.75" W x 16.75" H

33.5" High if the two units are stacked.

Weight: 17.20 lbs.

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