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诚聘全职保姆,讲中文、英文皆可, $ 1100 / 月 [复制链接]

The following message is posted for my friend. Please contact her direclty. Thanks.


South loop (State and 14th St.) couple is looking for a nanny to care for a 10 weeks old baby girl.
Fulltime, Monday through Friday, 8am – 4:30p.
$250+/week or $1100+/month.

Feed her, clean her, talk to her, put her down to nap, play with her and take her out to the park (next to the house).
No house work needed.
English or Chinese speaking.
Driving is a plus but not required.
Starting 9/1/2010.
Long term.

Interested please email information to jz9999@hotmail.com  
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发新话题 回复该主题