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Happy New Year [复制链接]

Happy New Year!!
The management is making plans for year 2014 to enrich this site.
In the meantime please upload any image related to the holidays.

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First of all, let's do a little survey. What kind of photography does this group of photographers like and please give me your answers by responding to this thread.

Abstract photography

Adventure photography
Advertising photography
Aerial photography
Architectural photography
Astronomical photography
Baby photography
Black and White photography
Cityscape photography
Close-Up photography
Commercial photography
Concert photography
Conceptual photography
Crime scene photography
Digital photography
Documentary photography
Editorial photography
Equine photography
Family photography
Fashion and glamor photography
Fine Art photography
Food photography
Infrared photography
Landscape photography
Lifestyle photography
Macro photography
Nature photography
Night photography
Nude photography
Pets photography
Portrait photography
Seascape photography
Sports photography
Still-Life photography
Travel photography
Underwater photography
Wedding photography
Wildlife photography

Based on the survey the management will design shooting sessions in the future. Yes, we are definitely going to have more meetings. This site is too quiet and inactive!!

Francis Cheng
发新话题 回复该主题