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回国甩卖PS3 with motion control package and 4 games, and more! [复制链接]

$200 include:
--PS3, with power cord, HDMI cable, 1 controller(手柄右上方的方向键有点问题,不过大部分时间是不妨碍打游戏的),

--1 camera, 2 motion controller, 4 games showing in the pic( The motion control package, worth around $100)

Extra option you could buy:
--PS3 Game Grand Theft Auto V $30.

--Logitech Driving force GT(shown in the last 4 Pic), can be used by ps3 and PC.( Worth $200 on amazon.) Selling for only $80

I am selling these because I have to move out of country. Everything is still working very well. If interested, feel free to call, text 812-606-5593. Everything is still working very well.

由于图片上传不上来,请到以下链接查看图片, 谢谢!
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