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UA 国内机票(E-Certificate) 转让,仅 $60 [复制链接]

One United Airline E-Certificate for Sale at $60.
1) Domestic flight or outbound flight to Canada;
2) Travel before Apr 30, 2010;

You can check United.com for the flight availability and ticket fare, and let me know your preferred date and flight.

Contact by email: wei-rd@hotmail.com


Terms and Conditions
      1.       Permitted Travel Area: You must begin your travel in the 50 United States,       Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, and fly to a destination within       the 50 United States, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands or Canada.      

2. Discount Amount: $150 off a qualifying itinerary       purchased at united.com. The discount applies only to the base       fare, and not to any taxes, fees or surcharges, including, but not limited       to Passenger Facility Charges (PFCs), departure and arrival taxes and       carrier-imposed surcharges. The total price shown on united.com for       qualifying itineraries will comprise the discounted base fare and all       applicable taxes, fees and surcharges

3. Eligibility Restrictions:       This discount may only be applied to the purchase of one new ticket and       may not be applied to previously issued tickets.

4. Valid Carrier:       United, United Express(R) operated flights; It is not valid on flights       operated by other airlines, such as United-Marketed code share and Star       Alliance Flights.

5. Ticketing Dates: Valid for 1 year from April       30, 2009

6. Travel Dates: Valid for 1 year from April 30,       2009

7. Blackout Dates: None

8. Advance Purchase:       Per rule of fare purchased

9. Min/Max Stay Requirements: Per rule       of fare purchased

10. Valid Routing: Roundtrip or One way only.       Circle trips, or trips with multi-city itineraries are not permitted. You       must follow a permitted routing.

11. Stopovers: Not       permitted

12. Qualifying Fares: This discount may be used on any       published United First(R) class, United Business(R) class or United       Economy(R) class fares.

13. Additional Taxes and Fees: All taxes,       fees and carrier imposed surcharges are additional

14. Restricted       Fares: This discount may not be used on the following fares: companion,       travel industry, G class, contract, bulk, convention, tour conductor,       children, family plan, government, group, military, senior citizen,       student, youth, infant, tour basing, Round the World, Circle the Pacific,       Visit USA, or any non-published fares. The discount certificate is not       valid and does not apply if the discount amount equals or exceeds the base       fare amount, therefore, the discount certificate will never be greater       than the base fare and a residual value will not apply.

15. Fare       Rules: All rules of the fare purchased apply. Reservations and ticket       purchases on United.com must be completed simultaneously. The published       fare you qualify for depends on what class of service is available on the       days you travel. Not all flights are eligible for an e-certificate       discount. In some instances you may find flights that are not       e-certificate eligible because they have already been discounted, and are       less expensive than the e-certificate eligible flights.

16.       Combinability: Not combinable with other discount offers

17.       Maximum number of users per certificate: One

18. Maximum number of       passengers per itinerary: One

19. Ticketing: You may redeem this       electronic certificate on united.com only. Discount only applies when       ticket is purchased within the 50 United States, Puerto Rico, or U.S.       Virgin Islands. Discount only applies when ticket is purchased on       united.com using the certificate number and a credit card that has a valid       U.S. billing address. All dollar levels are stated in U.S. Currency.       Electronic certificates cannot be redeemed by calling United Airlines or       your travel professional.

20. Residual Value of       Certificate/Discount: The discount certificate is not valid and does not       apply if the discount amount equals or exceeds the base fare amount,       therefore, the discount certificate will never be greater than the base       fare and a residual value will not apply.

21. Mileage       Plus(R)Accrual: Permitted

22. Upgrades: To determine if the fare       purchased with this discount allows the use of an upgrade certificate       refer to the terms and conditions and booking class restrictions       associated with the upgrade type you are using.

23. Changes: Rules       of the fare determine if changes are permitted. If changes are allowed,       there may be service charges and fess associated with a change. You will       receive the value of the discounted ticket, less any of the aforementioned       service charges and/or fees towards the purchase of a new       ticket.

24. Refunds: This discount is non-refundable, once used,       the discount will not be reissued for future use. Any refund due is based       on the amount actually paid minus any service fees. The discount may not       be applied toward the purchase of another ticket when exchanging or       refunding your original ticket, except when the original ticket qualifies       for a reduced fare (guaranteed airfare rule applies). Check with       United.

25. Denied Boarding Compensation: Permitted

26.       Transfer of Certificate: This certificate is transferable, but void if       sold or bartered. Other restrictions may apply.

27. Important       Notes: The certificate has no cash value and may not be altered,       duplicated, sold or bartered. If lost, stolen, expired or destroyed       certificates will not be replaced. Only one discount certificate, discount       voucher or discount is permitted per ticket.

Offer subject to       change without notice. Other restrictions may apply.

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