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in God we believe or disbelieve [复制链接]

the red burning sun is still beyond our reach
Did we create a creator for our own disbelief?
Does wonderful heavenly God reside with all stars?
Seven days is all that take to make our fathful dream!

Aristotle is not a distant Greek
air, water, earth and sun are Greek's primitive prestige.
when human did not want to afford multiple Gods,
one God without bloody sacrifice was Jesus' scheme

Descarte's duality reflected our spiritual needs,
happiness are forever elusive like earthly breeze
is there such a thing called self?
Human thought Holy soul resided in circular blood stream

Did 500 years of science reshape our Godly beach?
it's all because of the spread of paper sheet
Did the Renaissance followed a rotating compass?
prostrating while you pray was all the secret of a rabi priest.

Philosophers are supposed to set our soul free
perpetual polemic talk won't make our conscience agree.
we can neither prove nor disprove Martin Luther's God,
Faith is emotion's blind giant leap
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