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芝加哥物流公司诚聘全职海运进/出口货物操作文员 [复制链接]

芝加哥物流公司诚聘全职海运进/出口货物操作文员,负责跟单,系统数据输入,客服沟通等全套工作。 要求有合法工作身份,听说良好,读写熟练英文,能熟悉运用MS Office办公软件,沟通领会能力强,工作态度好,勤劳认真有责任心。有一到两年物流行业经验优先。公司待遇优,提供医疗保险和401K,薪资面谈。
有意者请发简历至:Helen Peng <helen_h_peng@dimerco.com>

Ocean Import/Export Cootdinator
This person will serve in a "operations" capacity, responsible for Processing export shipments.
Primary function summary:
Ocean import/Export operations including data entry, customer service, routing, carrier/vendor selection, booking, documentation preparation, import/export compliance, tracking orders processed, issuing invoices for services rendered.
We are looking for the following qualifications:
•Exceptional Customer Service skills (verbal and written)
•Exceptional listening, verbal and written skills
•Detail oriented, Self-motivated, Exceptional problem solving skills
Communicate effectively with internal departments, other regional branches and offices, and all external contacts
•Good organizational skills and ability to learn and retain information to build core industry related skills.
•Must know how to use and organize Microsoft Word, Excel.
•Fluent in English (written and spoken)
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